We would like to thank all the people who have visited this website in the past and now. We will have to take this website down in the next few weeks.

      We have horses starting from weanlings on up to grown horses that we are going to have to find good homes for. We have all different colored horses, Palominos, Spotted Palominos, Black, Black and white spotted, Chestnut, Grey, Sorrel, and Sorrel and white. 

We have around 30 head of good horses, we have some that are riding, but Dean has not been able to train any of the others for trail riding since he got hurt. If anyone is interested in one or more of our horses we will not turn down a reasonable offer.

     We are not horse traders; we have been breeding and raising horses for over 25 years, most of these horses have been raised on our farm from birth. 




Welcome To Prosperity Ranch


Welcome To Prosperity Ranch,  We Raise and Train Missouri fox Trotters

    Hello and welcome to Prosperity, I would like to invite you to sit back, relax and take a look around our site. We are breeders and riders of Missouri Fox Trotters and Spotted Saddle Horses. We have a small ranch here in southern Missouri. We are located at  Pomona, Mo. north of West Plains, Mo. near hwy 63 south, and around 90 miles south east of Springfield, Mo. Our two kids are raised (almost anyway), so now we raise Fox Trotter horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, and our dogs.
(Chihuahuas, Squirrel Dog Fiest, Bluetick Beagles, and Australian Shepherds).

   We have very rocky ground and a wide variety of terrain here where we live. We live next to the National Forest so we have lots of places to ride. Dean will occasionally buy back a horse that is out of one of our stallions, or a horse that catches his eye. But mostly our horses are born, raised, and trained here. They learn from an early age to be sure footed and travel over a wide variety of terrain. We breed for ability, lots of sense, gait, conformation, and blood lines. The gait part we donít have to worry about, our stallions and mares produce foals that are naturally gaited. They will gait in the field bare footed, or at the end of a lunge line. Our horses have some of the best bloodlines around, they are descendants of the legends that made the fox trotter. 


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If you like Hunting Dogs we have some to show you
You can click on the door below or click on Dry Creek



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 Dean, & Schelia Collins
3163 C R 4740
Pomona, Missouri   65789
Phone    417-256-2199 

 Our E-Mail Address Has Changed, If you have a problem sending an email
we apologize and should have it fixed soon. If you will call us at 417-256-2199
and leave a message we will call you back as soon as we can. 


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